Operation Annunaki


Action and shooting in 3D


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Operation Annunaki is a third-person action game with clear influences from the Metal Gear Solid saga. It puts you in the shoes of a secret agent who must rescue a scientist kidnapped in an Eastern European country.

The control system uses the keyboard and mouse, and you can do actions like breaking the enemies' necks from behind, throwing canned food to distract enemies and catch them off-guard, crouching, and shooting with one of the many weapons you'll find throughout the game.

The game's controls are a bit rough since you control your character's moves with the mouse. But, even so, it won't be very complicated to figure out the controls and start blowing your enemies' heads off, which is enjoyable in any video game.

The game's graphics aren't up to par with you'd expect from today's titles, although the fact that the game runs perfectly on any relatively modern computer compensates for this.

Operation Annunaki is an entertaining action game that has some very unique elements. Although it's not the best of its genre, it'll definitely get more than a few gamers hooked.

Only the first two areas are available.

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